adxst Features & Options

Standard Features

  • All Aluminum Tube Frame Structure
  • Integrated Triple Tube Tongue Design
  • Flat Top Design
  • 5' Front Sloped Wedge
  • Rear Ramp Door with Flap
  • Front Wedge Ramp Door with Flap and Ski Guide
  • Spring Assist on Both Ramp Doors
  • Snow Hinge on Ramp Flaps (no Piano Hinge)
  • Wall Posts 16" on Center
  • Cross Members 24" on Center
  • Roof Bows 16″ on Center
  • 2" Coupler
  • Tongue Jack
  • 3500# Drop Spring Axles for SA and TA2
  • 5200# Drop Spring Axles for TA3
  • ST205/75R15 Radial Tires for SA and TA2
  • ST225/75R15 Radial Tires for TA3
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • One-Piece Aluminum Roof
  • Smooth Aluminum Exterior Fenders
  • 32" Side Door with Flush Lock only (No Bar Lock)
  • 1) Fuel Door
  • Aluminum Bar Locks and Hinges
  • 24" Stoneguard
  • .030 Super Lock Screwless Sides
  • Heavy Duty 3" Top & Bottom Trim
  • Open Wall Studs and Roof Bows
  • 12" High 3/8" Drymax Kickplate
  • 3/16" Luan Walls
  • 3/4" Engineered Wood Floor
  • LED Clearance Lights and Tail Lights
  • 2) Interior Dome Lights with Switch on Lights
  • 1) Loading Light Above Front Ramp with Switch
  • 1) Loading Light Above Rear Ramp with Switch
  • 9) 1200# Floor D-Rings Shipped Loose
  • Aluminum Door Hold Backs

12 Volt Interior LED Lights Package

  • 4) Blue/White LED Ceiling Lights with 2) Switches (1 for Blue, 1 for White)
  • 2) 6' Long White LED Flex Lights with Switch
  • 4) 10" 45 Degree Interior White LED Lights on Ceiling with Switch
  • 4) Blue Interior LED Bullet Lights at Bottom of Walls in the 4) Corners with Switch
  • Does not Include Battery or Charge Line

Eberhard Latch

  • Upgrade Ramp Door to Eberhard Paddle Latch

In-Floor Battery

  • In Floor Battery Box with 12 Volt Battery and Charge Line

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