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AmeraLite owners tell us they chose our all-aluminum frame construction because it’s lighter, durable and resists rust and corrosion. The fact that it is so low maintenance and stays great looking, hassle free and hardworking year after year was a great bonus.

AmeraLite by Forest River, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of all-aluminum frame enclosed trailers for home, farm and professional use. We are the only manufacturer to offer a full line of all aluminum enclosed trailers with Super Lock exterior aluminum skin like that found on premium recreational vehicle coaches standard on every model.

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What Our Clients Say

" I wanted a well built aluminum trailer for all seasons and weather conditions.After researching I got an AmeraLite from Forest River and I haven’t been sorry once."

Arnold Bontrager

" We love our combo-hauler from AmeraLite, thanks for asking. The size accomodates our sleds and show cars just fine. Pulls like a dream even fully loaded. no rust or corrosion either. "

Sharon and Butch Detwiler

" Just bought a new ATTX, AmeraLite from Forest River. Mine is the best looking trailer and people ask about it every where I go. That S-Lock exterior is far superior in looks and strength to anything else available. Thanks. "

Ted Yon

" When I go have fun I don’t go without my AmeraLite from Forest River. I like the low maintenance and hassle free aspects the most. "

Shane Jefferson

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