Serious sled heads; haul your sleds and gear with this all aluminum, fully enclosed sled trailer and make tracks for winter adventure. When you arrive, drive right off and hit those trails saving time and fuss with the hassle free drive on drive off ramp feature. Packed with in-demand, performance features – standard equipment, the AmeraLite™ ADXST is rapidly gaining loyal fans around the US and Canada.

Make sure you're enjoying the season instead of struggling with the hassle and frustration of an inferior trailer. Choose AmeraLite. Available In standard sizes from 7' x 17' to 7' x 29'

The fun doesn’t stop when the snow melts either –it’s just heating up. The ADXST is super versatile and makes the perfect multiuse motorsport trailer. Plus, if you add extra height you can haul taller vehicles like UTVs. Happy Trails!


Care Camps, fighting cancer and making memories


Specifications are currently unavailable, please send us a message using the contact us form for more information.

Features & Options

  • All Aluminum Tube Frame Structure
  • Integrated Triple Tube Tongue Design
  • Flat Top Design
  • 5' Front Sloped Wedge
  • Rear Ramp Door with Flap
  • Front Wedge Ramp Door with Flap and Ski Guide
  • Spring Assist on Both Ramp Doors
  • Snow Hinge on Ramp Flaps (no Piano Hinge)
  • Wall Posts 16" on Center
  • Cross Members 24" on Center
  • Roof Bows 16″ on Center
  • 2" Coupler
  • Tongue Jack
  • 3500# Drop Spring Axles for SA and TA2
  • 5200# Drop Spring Axles for TA3
  • ST205/75R15 Radial Tires for SA and TA2
  • ST225/75R15 Radial Tires for TA3
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • One-Piece Aluminum Roof
  • Smooth Aluminum Exterior Fenders
  • 32" Side Door with Flush Lock only (No Bar Lock)
  • 1) Fuel Door
  • Aluminum Bar Locks and Hinges
  • 24" Stoneguard
  • .030 Super Lock Screwless Sides
  • Heavy Duty 3" Top & Bottom Trim
  • Open Wall Studs and Roof Bows
  • 12" High 3/8" Drymax Kickplate
  • 3/16" Luan Walls
  • 3/4" Engineered Wood Floor
  • LED Clearance Lights and Tail Lights
  • 2) Interior Dome Lights with Switch on Lights
  • 1) Loading Light Above Front Ramp with Switch
  • 1) Loading Light Above Rear Ramp with Switch
  • 9) 1200# Floor D-Rings Shipped Loose
  • Aluminum Door Hold Backs
  • 4) Blue/White LED Ceiling Lights with 2) Switches (1 for Blue, 1 for White)
  • 2) 6' Long White LED Flex Lights with Switch
  • 4) 10" 45 Degree Interior White LED Lights on Ceiling with Switch
  • 4) Blue Interior LED Bullet Lights at Bottom of Walls in the 4) Corners with Switch
  • Does not Include Battery or Charge Line
  • Upgrade Ramp Door to Eberhard Paddle Latch
  • In Floor Battery Box with 12 Volt Battery and Charge Line
  • 24" High ATP Interior Kickplate over top of 3/8" Drymax
  • Aluminum Framed Cabinet 48" Wide with Two Doors
  • Black Nudo Plywood Floor in Place of Drymax
  • Black Nudo Plywood Ramp & Flap in Place of Drymax
  • White Vinyl Walls
  • White Vinyl Ceiling
  • 24" High 3/8" Drymax Kickplate